Frontier Links Co LTD offers strategically located storage facilities with a range of warehousing options to suit our customers’ core services. Our warehouses are strategically located across Kenya and East Africa. We have in place a highly skilled team to successfully handle operations for your business.


Our warehouses are suited for container packing, storage of export cargo, and storage and distribution of imports. We provide a total logistics service to our clients including warehousing, picking, and packing, overseas forwarding, international air freight or sea freight, repacking, and distribution throughout Kenya.


Whether you require storage in bulk, on shelves, in racks, or in a temperature-controlled environment, we tailor our solutions to suit your needs.
Frontier Links Co LTD warehousing services are a cost-effective inventory storage solution for smaller businesses, including e-commerce businesses and those involved in imports or exports.

Enjoy comprehensive supply chain solutions from the industry leaders.